May 4, 2010

life gets in the way

I started this blog while I was blissfully enjoying all of my new-found, post-thesis, free time, somewhat unaware (or in denial?) of all of the deadlines looming over the horizon. Of course, responsibility and obligation caught up with me, and I ran out of time for crafting... again.

Here's what my life looks like for the next six weeks:

papers, presentations, finals, graduation, moving, moving, moving, favors, flowers, programs, menus, rehearsal, wedding, airplane, Portland, Pacific, Seattle, airplane, Raleigh, Atlantic, airplane, home!

Rather than write about all the awesome crafty things I've done, I'll spend the next couple weeks writing about all the things I want to do when my plans finally run out and I have all the time in the world again.

1 comment:

  1. You can still blog about what's going on... and you can tell us about all the things you'd LIKE to make... when things settle down...

    Don't be a stranger! :)