August 5, 2010

hello Seattle

On the crafty front, I've been up to nothing.  Nothing.  The craft room has become home to everything in our house without a home right now, so it's not exactly conducive to creativity. 

The next big project I have though, is making something with these fabrics we picked up in Seattle during our honeymoon.

We had taken a ferryboat (Dr. McDreamy style) to Bainbridge Island and were walking along its streets on our way to the Pegasus Coffee Shop. 

Tony: haha, that building has a beard.

Along the way, we passed a super cute fabric shop and, at the husband's insistence (I kid you not), I went inside.  I was instantly overwhelmed, but in a good way.  That store has sooooo much gorgeous (and so much out-of-print) fabric, I just couldn't belive it.  Definitely worth a visit if you're in the Seattle area (all of Bainbridge Island is adorable, really).

Since I couldn't buy it all, I didn't want to buy anything, but Tony promised me I'd regret it later and asked if I'd make us something to remember our trip.  so we said screw matching and coordination! and just chose fat quarters of some stuff we liked.

so far I know that I'm definitely making a quilt and I've ordered some Kona solids to work with as well, but that as far as I've gotten right now.

ok, back to making the craft room inhabitable again...

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