August 2, 2010

(it's so good to be home)

Things have been a little... tedious around here lately.  Lots of going through boxes, tossing stuff, donating stuff, deciding whose pots and pans to keep, whose silverware, whose cheese grater...  Then sorting through piles and piles of papers, filing all of our "important documents" and shredding the rest.  You know, the stuff of moving, and of moving in together.

This part was fun, though: selling some of our old textbooks to Amazon, for a whopping $495!  It's like a (complicated) slot machine, typing in all the book titles and hoping for big money.  Eight of the 50 some books that we still had were worth decent money - the rest would have sold for under $2.  The only bummer to the whole deal is that they give you an Amazon gift card (not cash).  Our friends and family can rest assured that they'll be getting plenty of books and movies for Christmas (jk, Amazon sells everything these days!).

In other news my KitchenAid mixer finally arrived!

and I already made fresh bread with it!

no photo - we ate it all before I could take one!

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