August 26, 2010


Here's the conversation that happened last night:

Hannah: Did you check the mail?
Tony: yeah.  Just the cable bill.  oh, and I finally mailed back the Netflix movie.  I can't believe we've had it for so long.
Hannah: Wait, what movie?
Tony: The one one top of the tv.
Hannah: yeah, that's the new one.  I don't even think we opened it yet.
Tony: what? crap.

His solution?  "I'll just put a note in the out-going mail and ask them to give it back.  A big note, so they can't miss it."

and so he went upstairs.  and was gone for a long time, but I figured he just started working on something else.

Then he returned, with this:

His response to my half laughing, half confused expression:  "I thought if it looked like it was from a little kid then they'd give it back..."

We shall see...

Edit: It worked.  The mail person gave back the movie AND the note.


  1. That is HILARIOUS!! I even share that story with my husband and he laughed pretty hard! Too funny!