September 2, 2010

if you're wondering where I've been...

yeah, this book was ultra addicting and impossible to put down, even if all the Swedish names and places sometimes made me feel like I was reading an IKEA catalog instead of a mystery novel. 

I finished the book yesterday, though, so I'll be more productive again.  As compelling as this book was, I have no desire to read the others in the series.  The story was a little too dark for me (the original Swedish title actually translates as "Men Who Hate Women", if that tells you anything), and a little too... long (it doesn't look like it, but it is just shy of 600 pages).

Tony and I are going to be traveling the next three weekends, though (maybe more?), so I'd welcome other (less troubling and psychologically damaging) book suggestions!  We learned on our honeymoon that we reach our limit of This American Life and Car Talk podcasts fairly quickly, so I'll need something else to pass the time.

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  1. But the others were so good! If you ever feel the need to read on, just let me know. We own the set. I also HIGHLY recommend the Hunger Games Trilogy.