September 3, 2010

Project Modern

Project Modern

The Modern Quilt Guild is hosting a year-long event they're calling Project Modern.  From what I can tell, it will consist of four quilting challenges throughout the next year, with lots of awesome prizes and celebrity (well... in the quilting world) judges.

They revealed Challenge #1 on Wednesday:

Make a quilt based on an inspiration of your choice.

That's it.  That's the whole challenge.  I actually had to read the challenge post twice before I realized that that one sentence was it.  and I was kind of disappointed.  I was expecting the challenge itself to be more... inspirational.

This challenge is so open-ended, and anyone who knows me personally knows that I don't do open-ended questions very well.  When I worked as a resident assistant in college, this is approximately how my weekly meetings with the hall coordinator usually went:

HC: so, how is Hannah?
Me: um.  What do you mean?
HC: How are you doing?
Me: um.  I don't... um... I don't know?  I mean...
HC: ok - how are classes?
Me: oh, classes are great!  I just finished a project in.... [insert rambling dissertation on given subject here]

In other words, this is going to be a lot more difficult than I imagined!

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