September 30, 2010

when September comes

September has been a BUSY month!  Weddings (and wedding-related celebratory events) galore, and of course none of them were close to home.  We're finally back on solid ground, relaxed, and prepped to attend our last wedding (probably?) of 2010 (henceforth referred to as Year of the Weddings in the Hannah/Tony household) in a couple of weeks.

In the midst of all of the travel chaos, I did manage to crank out a couple bee blocks this month.  One at the last minute, and one way ahead of time!

First, here's the butterfly block I made for Toni in the KC Scrappy Bee.  She asked for wonky butterflies, and I have to admit that I struggled with it for a long time (thereby making it the "finished at the last minute" (and then driven to the post office late at night by my husband) block).

I had planned on giving more details about my piecing process here, but that's just not going to happen.  I'll just say that I eventually found success using a sort of hack-job freezer paper piecing process that I made up on the fly based on what I remembered from Elizabeth's Map of the States tutorial.

This second block, for Paula, was much smoother sailing.  I finished it more than a week ago, and it's not even due until the middle of October!

Wonky Star for Paula  

 I'm hoping to make a whole quilt of these someday too but, as my list of like to make someday quilts grows embarrassingly longer, don't expect to see anything like this any time terribly soon.

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  1. I like how saturated the blue is in the star's center... it pops without distracting overall :)