October 11, 2010

Seattle revisited

I've been feeling rather disinterested in sewing for a few weeks now.  Sometimes it's all I can think about, and other times it's all I can do to put together one stinking block for a quilting bee.  (That's one of the reasons I love bees, btw - I'm forced to get over whatever else might be going on in life and actually be creative.)

Seattle Quilt

This monster has been hanging up on my design wall for... a month?  More?  (um... definitely more.)  It's the beginnings (and middles, I suppose) of the quilt I'm making with the fabric Tony and I picked out in Seattle. 

I've got a whole lot of mixed feelings about this one, but I'm going to keep all of that to myself until this baby is actually finished.  It's a little unsettling to even post a picture of something I'm so undecided about myself, but maybe sharing it will help me want to finish it (that makes sense... right?).  If nothing else, though, I really need this design wall space.  I can't just stare at this guy forever.

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