October 18, 2010

sew & bee happy, round 1

Lately bee blocks really have been the only things I've sewn, but a little bit of sewing is better than none at all.  (Right?)

This block is for Felicity in the first round of the Sew & Bee Happy bee happening over on Flickr.  I was really excited that she was willing to start us out with such a challenge (well, for most of us at least!), and I was already finished with my block on October 1.  I was a bit embarrassed at being such an eager beaver, but I guess my photo posting laziness was actually a good thing in that regard.

This was my first adventure with paper piecing, and I'd say that it's easier than it looks, but much less intuitive than I'd like it to be.  I did a LOT of seam ripping, which was double frustrating since I used tiny tiny stitches to perf the paper and make it easier to remove at the end.  I'm really glad to have attempted (and conquered!) this block, but I'm not jumping at making a whole quilt of these... ever.

Side note: I've really made a good habit at going to the post office whenever I feel like it and using their automated postal centers to get crap mailed on time.  Waiting in line is for chumps, right?  um, chumps and people mailing things to Canada, apparently.  Canada is so close and we're never fighting with them, so I kind of forget that they're another country, at least in the "must fill out customs papers" kind of way.  If you're wondering, this is why your block is still sitting in my car, Felicity, and not on its way across the border to you.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in making one of these blocks, this tutorial from the Sometimes Crafter is super helpful. 


  1. So I wasn't the only super eager one to finish by the 1st huh LOL... Great job!!

  2. Not too eager, don't worry~ I've already started my november! <3 :)

  3. It's just as beautiful in person as in this photo, too. Thanks Hannah!