January 17, 2011

when things don't go according to plan

Remember last Monday when I said I planned to share some pics of my sewing room and maybe even share a finished quilt this week?  Well, that's still the plan, but....

then my husband's car got wrecked in the snow on Monday afternoon.  so Monday evening was spent oscillating between prayer and worry until the kindness of a complete stranger delivered him safely home.  Tuesday and Wednesday were spent on the phone with the insurance and the tow trucks and the people from AAA.  Thursday was spent trying to get back to some semblance of regular life, except with him working from home since the car is definitely out of commission for a little while.

Then Friday started his four day weekend, and we've actually been working hard at the absolutely never ending task that is ridding our house of clutter.  The target this week: the last few boxes of stuff from our parents' houses (we both finished moving out completely over Thanksgiving).  We've had a good time laughing at our childhood selves, and it's been cathartic (for me at least) to let most of this stuff go for good.

Life goes back to semi-normal when he starts working (at work) again tomorrow.  Until then, we'll enjoy the vacation in our newly clean house.

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