January 10, 2011

annnnnnnd WE'RE BACK!

Sleepy Kitty
My blog has been sleeping.

My blog is back from its completely unplanned hiatus/hibernation. 

Here's what happened:
1. oh, this is a fun project, I should take pictures for my blog!
2. ugh, I hate this camera!  Forget it.  (In the back of my mind: It's almost Christmas, I'll get a new camera then, and THEN I'll be a good blogger.)
3. hmm, I should write about that fun project.
4. crap, there aren't any pictures, and I already gave it away/wrapped it up/ate it (depending on the type of project, of course).

I went through about a dozen iterations of those events during the month of December, so there's nothing to show for our stockings or gifts or tree or Christmas cards, or any of another half a dozen things I'm certainly forgetting.

Anyway, Christmas day did not bring me the new camera I hoped for (or even cash to use as a down payment), so it looks like I'll be going with Plan B: make the most of the things I already have (and quit whining about it).

I'll be back (very soon, I swear), with pics of my sewing room makeover, some sewing goals for the new year, and maybe even a finished quilt!


  1. ooh do you have a full pic of the white side? that looks great!

  2. That's just my Seattle quilt, and I don't have pics because I hate my camera (remember?), but I'll work on it! It's a gloomy blizzard today, though, so it might be a little while :(

  3. LOL. it's as if you climbed in my brain and stole my words/thoughts! ... i hate my camera, forget to a. charge it & take it with me ... i am horrible at posting ... and remembering to "post in progress" ... AND i am famous for giving stuff away before i get pictures!
    oy vey!
    congrats on posting!
    (oh, i joined a group, "Bloggers w/out obligation") ~! yes there is a support group for EVERYTHING!